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Racial greetings,

For those that know me as an FYI, I lost access to my previous blog. For those who are new and would like to read my previous writings feel free to visit my last blog at http://revlogsdon.blogspot.com/.

As well for you new readers I will give a some background on who I am. Followed by a post collage of activism pictures.

My name is Rev James Logsdon, I have been a part of the pro white cause for nearly 2 decades. I was always "racist" or for a better word racially aware. Even when I went through a bit of an identity crisis in a typical teenage rebellious fashion. Listening to non white music and following the crowd, I still never associated with non whites and always remained true to my racial heritage. My ethnic makeup is about 70-80% irish, Scottish with a little Finnish in there. I would love to go into a whole family makeup and history as it is quite interesting. Irish slaves, coal miners, drill instructors, and so on. But for the sake of time and space I will stick to the basics.

Being raised by an angry Vietnam veteran, ex biker and alcoholic, my life was far from uneventful. An abusive household left me on my own jumping from house to house. Never really having a place of my own as I couldn't live with my father. Without going into greater detail about my young life it wasn't pretty. Many people would have anger and resentment at their parents for such a life but I have nothing but love and respect for them. But this isn't my complete life story, so I only tell you these basic things to show you the reader I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth nor did I come from a sheltered home.

Anyway at the age of 16, I received an substantial inheritance from my aunt and beings I was amancipated I purchased my own home. Now reader, picture this, take the chaotic life I already had up to this point. Now give a 16 year old a home, 2 cars and lots of money in the bank. A sure fire recipe for disaster! Which unfortunately ended up as such. A year later I was having a typical party in my home. Several of my friends, a few girls and lots of drinking. One girl in particular got very intoxicated and wanted my friend to drive her and her car home. But he wanted to come back to my place. They asked and harassed me several times to follow him and bring him back. After many refusals I finally agreed. All my other friends wanted to come with. At this point in time I was far too intoxicated to drive, I even pulled over right before we left town and asked one of my friends to drive. They all said I was fine, even though I knew I wasn't. I continued, we dropped this girl off and headed back to my place. I had never been on this hilly road before. I was speeding and the music was blaring. As I approached what I thought was another hill, I had no idea it did a 90 degree turn. My car went straight, front tire dipped underneath a culvert sending my car flying and spinning in the air. By the time all the chaos was done, we went 525 feet into a corn field and there was hardly nothing left of the car. My friend behind me died within an hour as he was cut in half. My best friend since birth had a broken hip and a small laceration on his arm. However he died 3 days later because the doctors failed to detect a bone splinter off his hip that went through his blood stream and lodged in his heart causing internal bleeding. My two other friends walked away unscathed. I had a broken back, a broken neck, a dettached ear, shattered arm, impaled through my abdomen by a corn stalk and multiple lacerations. Yet somehow I survived. With close to ten thousand stitches in my body multiple cast on my body I walked out of the hospital only to enter a police car. I was originally arrested for simple felony DUI. A month later they indicted me on 4 counts of reckless homicide. Two counts per death.

Here I was at 17 facing up to 56 years in prison (3 to 14 per count). I ended up taking a blind plea as it was my fault. They dropped two counts, so I went on the two reckless homicide and the dui. I received 13 years. But the judge took my age into consideration and ran them concurrent. So basically 6 years.

I entered Joliet CC shortly after my 18th birthday (county time before). If your curious about this place feel free to search it. It has been featured in multiple movies and shows (prison break, blues brothers and lets go to prison. Sick but funny comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7pNiELcZsg ). I went in, in not the right state of mind. Fresh off accidently killing two of my own friends and with a huge chip on my shoulder.

I was a avid reader/believer of norse mythology/odinism/asatru. I formed into a skinhead, angry, filled with hate. I ran with other like minded people when I could. Many times there were galleries in which I was the only white man and it wasn't a long stay. Many original old timers in the Aryan brotherhood I found a kinship with inside and despite there many requests I never joined. I never felt, me catching another case and a few years worth being a member. In 98 one AB member sent me a book, as we were in disciplinary segregation. The book was entitled "the white mans bible". Up to this point I have already read a plethora of NS style books (rise and fall of the 3rd reich, mein kampf, etc. ) none of which truly moved me one way or the other. Other then factual awakenings. But none were even close to the inspirational awakening I received by my introduction to Creativity. As I got out of segregation for the umpteenth time already I started looking for Natures eternal religion. The first book that was referenced many times. I finally got it after jumping through many hoops and having to pay for it. Granite it was a book with the original cover ripped off and a "Christian inspirational cover" carefully glued on that I received from an AB brother. As it was a blocked book. As I engulfed myself in this title. I found I was being completely overwhelmed. The information was truly life changing. It was even more inspiring as I was in college at this time. I know prison college huh? But it is far more harder then you would think, as they cram a whole semester into a 3 week course with a few classes and the same required tests to pass. The prerequisites were even more daunting as you pretty much had to have the discipline to teach yourself.

The one and only positive I can take out of the educational raping was the brief interaction with my majors professor. The options were limited and I realized I wasn't going to make a career out of a prison degree, so it was more for me personally. So out of the limited options I chose sociology. The same professor I mentioned was a nigger from Liberia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberia ). Who was raised in a re-colonization camp. He was a aggressive Marxist, but honest. Before I even read the NER he taught me the truth of Lincoln and his intentions of racial separation. I have to say I learned quite allot while incarcerated, both from college and self reading. As I was aggressively pro white I found myself in segregation quite allot so I had allot of "down time" to catch up on reading. I remember having to cram wet toilet paper in my ears to drown out the "planet of the apes musical" going on in the prison gallery. Something I can say made me a little psychopathic. Listening to the constant around the clock stories from these primates was enough to make the most "normal" person insane. The bragging of raping white women and killing, robbing and beating whites. That is to put it mildly as I can tell you stories that would make even the most harden racialist cringe.

However as I got kicked from prison to prison (yes you can get kicked out of a prison) I ended up doing far more time then i was supposed to, about 2 years in fact. I could tell you story after story. Many of my own brothers in the cause have had to suffer through my stories. HaHa! I was stabbed a few times, got into well over 4 or 5 dozen fights. I was even jumped on one time by 6 "black disciples" or "BD"s as they called it. In where they took a mop wringer and bashed me in the face, knocking my front teeth out. One of them after i went down preceded to take a small razor blade and tried slicing my throat, as they were trying to kill me. Luckily for me several other pro whites jumped in and saved me. Brotherhood back then inside meant something.

So up to this point, there are many, MANY things i have left out. My amateur golden gloves boxing participation while i was a teenager, a brown belt in jiu jitsu, living homeless as a teenager, working construction, drugs and women (as i was a very mature young teenager growing up in a college town). Etc, etc. The point once again is not to give you the reader a life story but to put what I've been through into a little perspective, so those that don't know me can understand a little bit of my personality. As i come off quite aggressive to some, i have little patience for unearned arrogance, condescension, dishonesty or a multitude of other peoples faults. I have many of my own, but this is my life and i will live it, judge it and act on it as i see fit. I am completely honest with myself and those faults so don't be mad at me because i am content with who and what i am.

Now enters the next stage of my life. The release from prison and joining the WCOTC.

As i have been a creator by religion since 98 i didn't officially join until January 2000. I sent Rev Hale a letter requesting to join in 99 but he said because i was scheduled to get out then within a year he said just wait until you get out. Neither one of us knew i would have so much time added onto that sentence. When i first got out within a week i received a phone call from Rev Hale and my application in the mail. Something to mention is i noticed on this application, at the end, was a note that said " I hereby swear my oath of loyalty, honour and devotion to The World church of the Creator." To me this meant everything, i thought about it and signed it. For you see if i left, or couldn't uphold my part that meant either, I was disloyal, i dishonored myself or the church or i lacked devotion. So failure was NOT an option. SO, SO many in this cause sign and vow the same things to different groups and causes. Yet when things don't go there way, they lose interest or find something "better" they wipe their butt with the same oath they signed or swore. That speaks volumes to the type of people this movement is full of. If you want to move on simply ask the men in charge to be released, with honor intact from service. Simple. Even if things end ugly one must take it upon themselves to maintain their own dignity.

Anyway, right off the bat Rev Hale had me working. Putting out flyers, standing on street corners with signs and flags. I found myself fighting with anti racist scum on the streets of events within months of my release. Much to the anger and dismay to my parole officer. I also was working two jobs. As a labourer for a rough framing/carpenter crew and working at grain co-op's. I let the grain business go as i took to framing/carpentry as a fish would take to water. I was able to read blueprints and deal with suppliers and due to the fact i was a angry loud mouth prick (LOL) i was made foremen very quickly. Before my 22nd birthday I opened a framing business with my then brother in law. All the while Rev Hal e had me going to multiple events, putting out flyers, etc. I also started my own local crew up which grew exponentially well. So here i was, 21 years old. Own place, running my own company, running my own pro white crew, and so on. Little did i known the chaos that would ensue about a year later would redefine not only my life but the lives of several others. The next year went by and it was pretty much better and better all around. I had multiple employees, well paid and productive. Our local "twin city skinhead crew" was up to 20 plus members by the end of 02. Thanks to my business i was able to donate thousands upon thousands of dollars to the church and was even able to employ a few racialists as well (even though they didn't last long. Rule of thumb never hire friends or family!) The church as a whole was growing greatly in numbers and popularity. Rev Hale himself was about 90% of its success which was the biggest problem as he overshadowed the church and Creativity as a whole. It was still obviously working as it was getting Creativity out there. However it put a LARGE target on Rev Hale's back. I knew i had one as well but i was always a little more street savvy then most. There were a plethora of people around that were less then worthy of being a part of the church. I even spoke with Rev Hale about this yet he thought numbers were the most important thing. People like Jon Fox, Scott Gulbranson, Patrick Langballe, and besides these unsavory people we had the biggest parasite Tony Evola. Towards the end of 02 with the pending trademark suite, lots of surveillance, things started to look, well let me just say "funny" or "creepy" as if there was an ominous tone in the air.

The morning of January 8th, 2003 was the beginning of a day, i knew, i would never forget. I had to get up early as Rev Hale already told me we had to be in Chicago at a certain time. So i said bye to my then girlfriend and waited on the porch, Rev Hale pulled up with Fox, and Gulbranson. I got in and we headed to Joliet to pick up Rev Moudry and the Joliet crew. On the way Rev Hale confessed to me he thought he was going to be arrested. But absolutely not for what he actually was. As he was ordered by the court to hand over all flyers and items containing "WCOTC" as we were ruled against in the trademark case. Rev Hale refused, so the court case we were going to was ordered by Judge Lefkow to show "just cause" of refusal. So Rev Hale thought he was going to be arrested for contempt of court for refusing the order. He instructed us that if this was the case we were to go to Judge Lefkows home and do a sidewalk protest, then to members of the appellate court as well. When we got to Rev Moudry's house many of the female members were already making protest signs. We loaded everyone and everything into the rental van. Crammed together like sardines there was about 18 of us inside. We got to downtown Chicago parked and walked to the courthouse. As soon as we got there the media swarmed us. We also seen several green and purple haired anti whites floating around. After answering several questions we headed in. I noticed something funny right off the bat. Scott went first threw the metal detectors, then Matt, then me. But they stopped everyone else for some reason. Rev Hale was going on so i had to keep up as i was his main security. (made me very curious as the "head" of the white berets was nowhere to be found and Rev Hale asked me to be his personal beret.) Anyway, we got to the first set of elevators and even though there were allot of people waiting on them the US marshal told us these are closed go to the next one. So we walked to the next set. Soon as we walked in step, Scott said something to me but my attention was on Rev Hale as he was a few steps in front of me. He walked up and hit the "up" button. I noticed there were roughly about 20 people in this area all waiting on elevators, yet no one hit the button? Before i had another thought, the elevators opened only to reveal several men in swat gear that immidiatly grabbed Rev Hale, they pulled him into the elevator and as we lunged forward to grab him back every person who was "waiting" for the elevators jumped us. Scott being a frail non-fighter was grabbed by a female and male officer and accusted quickly. Me on the other hand had more hands on me that i could count. Just based off natural reaction these people were not dressed as law enforcement, i grabbed the first guy by the throat and moved him to my left out of my way and i was swarmed. With close to a dozen people on me i looked up at the split seconds that had passed as if they were in slow motion and the key thing that sticks in my memory is the look of desperation and fear on Rev Hale's face. As if he thought, what i thought. This isnt something simple.

As they walked Scott out, they tried to forcfully "walk" me to the door. As i pushed two Marshals off me and yelled "i can walk myself". As me and Scott were put outside, a few minutes later everyone else came back out. When they took me, Matt and Scott to the second set, they took everyone else to the first set of elevators. We had about 40 people there in support, so they diverted them elsewhere. As people came out in confusion as to what was going on, Fox thought oh Matt knew he could go to jail. I told him "no this is different" but he insisted to follow what Matt wanted. So we walked down to the rental van and low and behold, its gone. Siezed by the feds. So we walked back and soon as we get there out walks Rev Hale's trademark attorney Todd Reardon. He explains to us that Matt was arrested for "conspiracy to commit murder". Something that came to a complete shock to all of us. We waited around for his bond hearing a little later. A side not as the 50 of us sat in the court room, they said all rise for the judge to enter and none of us got up. As Rev Hale entered we all got up and raised our arm to salute! I am sure the judge was not happy. But we heard the charges and well, as there are allot of details that came after, i would be hear too long telling you all about it. Safe to say it was a chaotic day.

Within weeks of his arrest the effects were already starting to pick up. Panic, desertion, denial, etc. I have a story for each. Soon enough our website was shut down by ZOG, our membership was depleted within a couple months. Going from around 500 to less then 50. The supposed remaining "leaders" and i use that term loosely, panicked beyond belief. Some started bickering amongst themselves and chaos ensued. Our "safeguard" the GFC proved to be more then useless. After the website was siezed and shut down Thomas Kroenke, the HP disappeared. Even though Hale commanded (from his father who he was in contact with) that Jon Fox take over. A man at that time sleeping on a futon in my living room and working as a labourer for me. A job he didnt have long. They managed to do nothing but look at the other as if waiting for approval of what to do. Fox later fled the state after i gave him an abrupt attitude adjustment for a drunken tirade. He then took the remainder of church items the Feds did not confiscate and went to North Dakota to be with Scott Gulbranson who fled there months later for an issue i wont discuss right now. I should note 6 months later Fox turned over the same property back to feds and agreed to be a witness against Hale. A story even the courts didnt believe, that was later thrown out. I wont go into all the court issues about Hale's case here either for the sake of space.

Anyway, with all the central leadership gone, Rev Moudry and myself decided we had to start moving locally regardless of what was going on world wide. As we did. We held numerous "free Matt Hale" rallies, demo's. We put out thousands of flyers and was the ONLY active church chapter for years after the arrest. We showed up at multiple events, from IKA, NSM, assorted klan and skinhead events, we were always there nationwide to make sure people knew the church was still alive. While others were arguing about this or that, while they were claiming this or that, we were the ones hitting the streets. It wasnt till early 04 a man (i use the term loose as well) by the name Joel Dufrense got in contact with us. He started a new TCM (WCOTC) website back up, he also put me in contact with Adam Jacobs who i found out was appointed to be the new HP by Rev Hale (who we had no recent contact with). I asked both these men what they were doing to keep creativity alive and ...... ........ ......... well you get the point. But regardless had to get the church back going so we started working together. Pretty much no change other then a website and more drama. A year went by, i was living in florida, roofing houses still travelling all over to events and representing creativity.

Now reader, at this point i was still a pee on, a simple minister of no title or notiriety other then my own accolades of activism. Men followed me because i took charge, made decisions when others wouldnt, regardless of consequences and there were consequences, but the only thing worse then a bad action is no action!!! At this same time, we started dealing with internet splinter groups, self appointed people with no legitimacy claiming rights and slandering us. I wont mention the key person or his 5 different orgs he controlled as such a man isnt worthy to be mentioned here, i will save that for another time. 6 months later Adam Jacobs was arrested for a crime i personally know he didnt commit, aggrevated assault and kidnapping on his roomate. I was on the phone with him when the supposed "beating" took place. None of the evidence added up. But it wasnt about that.....

At this same time, i got a phone call from my parents, that told me that counter-terrorism task force just left their house after kicking in the front door and putting a gun to my dads head. They told me to turn on the news. "Joan Lefkows family murdered" Of course we were to blame. I called and talked to Brian and of course he was being raided, they continued harrassing my parents as they couldnt find me in florida. I flew into midway airport in chicago only to be met by the men in black, with their stupid aviator sunglasses which must come standard with their gun and badge. They took me in and questioned me, they asked me who killed lefkows family. I responded with "Ian Segel and the jewish defense league". They didnt care much for that answer, but thats all i had to say. I was released and went to Rev Moudry's house, it was torn up by the feds raid. We sat there for the next day peeking out the window at the cadre of federal cars still posted outside. The evening 3 days later showed on the news that a man who Lefkow ruled against killed himself with a note attached to him for killing her family. No retraction for blaming us or apology (not that we expected one).

I get back home only to deal with the Jacobs fiasco. His roommate, a very poor example of a white man who didnt work and was living off adam, on top of the fact we found out he was only there because he was hiding from a warrant in new york. But he claimed, after being visited by several federal agents, that adam kidnapped him and beat him. This clearly was a staged lie, as he left ny to hide out in adams. The medical reports showed a "mild facial contusion" far from a "beating". He was another casualty/repercusion of the Hale case. After another 6 months our webmaster was arrested for 21 counts of rape. Something i couldnt or better yet didnt want to beleive. But in that case the evidence showed otherwise. I wont go into any more detail on that but as you can imagine my nerves are getting fried. I could also mention the murder case in joliet that was breaking that chapter up as well, but this is not a church history rather key things of mine.

So here we were seeing some international progress, had an HP, a website and webmaster over 15 worldwide chapters including a HUGE ukraining chapter. Then within a year it all falls apart again. I should mention two things, first in the middle of all this Jacobs and Joel held an election for PM and i was voted in, i declined because i didnt want to besmirch the name. The second was i lived in milwaukee, wiscosin before florida and met and hung out with the old crew up there from pre-Hale days. I learned allot of history from those guys.

Ugh!!! So here i am lived and worked between 3 different states, running my own companies and making good money. To be honest i was always a bit of a social butterfly, despite being told countless times i was a prick. So i had allot of girlfriends, which was a big part of the moves. Anyway, shortly after all this chaos i moved back to bloomington, il. Within days got a job running a framing company. I was pretty sick of the business side of it so i had a new partner who handled that. I would rather just build houses then deal with finances and politics. It was always my passion and it was nice to just focus on it. The church issues were getting better, but after all the drama and nonsense i was pretty particular on who we allowed to get involved. We had great new european webmasters and i didnt have to worry about that end of it. I continued the activism, although my traveling wasnt as frequent. Towards the end of 06 i moved in with my grandparents as they were dying. Being in their 90's and i didnt want to see them go to a nursing home. I helped them as much as i could but they died on the same day one year apart. It took its toll on me and between personal problems and family issues i decided to me in with my now wife. She lived in Zion, IL, and no it wasnt full of jews but rather 80% black.

I will try to fast forward a bit here to wrap this up. I ended up having a child with her and raising her 3 other kids as if they were my own , well because they are. I have been raising them for 8 years now so i am the only real father they know. As their real father was a pedophile POS. The birth of my child was the most important thing that happened in my life. A boy i love dearly and makes life worth living. I ended up going back to prison again for a little bit for driving. I saw it was a world of difference from the first time. Racial loyalty inside was reflected by the outside world, very scarce and rare. But after i got out i had to move my family out of that nigger infested cesspool, which i did, back to bloomington.

In the last 5 years our life has gotten succesfully better. The church as well, sure we continue to have ups and downs but with age comes reality. I realize that is just part of life in general, how you handle it is up to you. Now i am a 35 year old man, who looks 65. I Have cancer and a pile of problems. But after all i have been through its just another day.

Now that is the shortest fast forward version of who i am and what i have been through. I skipped over allot of key things but i just wanted to give you, the reader an idea of what formed this man. And where i am today. My life has been far from uneventful. I worked, i loved, i have hated and i still am standing and hopefully the next 10 to 20 years, however long i am around, are just as eventful. Because i would rather live a life of chaos then just float through life.

If there are things about me and my life i didnt address please feel free to ask. For those who read all this i thank you for hearing me out and learning a little about me. There has been plenty lies about me spread by pathetic men who couldnt walk a foot in my shoes. That pretend to know but have no idea. If you want to know the truth just ask because as you see my life is an open book. Some judge me and that is fine, but i will stand on honesty. Whether it is liked or not. Thank you. Rev James logsdon

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