Saturday, July 18, 2015

Loyalty, a unique trait.

A little rant here folks. Loyalty. Many have no idea what this means and many never will grasp the concept. It can be loyalty to a friend, a cause, an organization/brotherhood. even your spouse/ loved one. If you break one you will break them all and a man who cant keep his loyalty to something he has sworn to uphold, isn't a man you can trust. It isn't a man you can rely on. Even if they have come through once or twice trust and believe one day they wont. If you can find one person you can always rely on you are lucky. I am a lucky person, I have my wife and a few (and I mean literally that, a few) who have stood by me for a long time. Through good times and bad. Some of the times they shouldn't of because I didn't deserve their love and loyalty. But they gave it anyway. And I would fight for them, kill for them, burn for them and if need be die for them. That is loyalty, to stand by someone's side, through the good and bad. Not when its convenient for you or when it serves your needs.

I have always given my 110% loyalty to those that have earned it. At times it hasn't been worth much, a friendly ear you can trust when you need one or advice. There have been times it has been worth allot, because I can tend to be a bad/mean person when I have to be! But I have never wavered from it. That is until they break their loyalty to me first. If people even knew some of the things I did to protect them, to help them they probably wouldn't be able to look me in the eyes ever again.

Let me give you an example. I have been a part of one organization. 1! I signed an oath of loyalty to the WCOTC (now TCM for those who don't know) many years ago. When we were at the height of popularity we were abundant with people. All of whom signed the same basic oath I did (I had to do another oath with the White berets but that's a different matter). When things got bad I watched these same people flee like rats abandoning the ship. All wiping their asses with their loyalty and honor, because they didn't have the loyalty, courage and honor it took to stand through the fire. I really am not trying to toot my own horn here but I did. I stood strong and did my best when I had to even when it still wasn't good enough for some. Through losing more then you can imagine. I kept this group, WCOTC together for the sake of my faith, its leader (Rev Hale) who is still sacrificing, being locked away in prison and for the sake of the oath of loyalty i swore. All though i was never alone, there were those who came and gone, those who still do. But i kept the flame lit when others didnt. I even asked Rev Hale at one point to relieve me from duty, he refused my request because the church still needed me. As much as i wanted to abandon my post, something within me wouldnt allow me. Thats how i know either you have it or you dont. I have been frustrated, i have have grown tired, still am.

But obviously the lack of loyalty in people is something that bothers me. Its one thing when one realizes its misplaced, that they have been fooled and lied to. Even then you still confront the person, cause or group and explain why you are leaving, that way you can walk away with your honor intact. There are those that continue to show loyalty to some even when they know they are being lied to. I can respect loyalty and honor, i cant respect stupidity. I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is when people break their oaths without just cause. I believe these are the lowest people on the earth. Hell even a nigger, spic, jew, etc... doing all the despicable things they might do are only showing loyalty to their own. Something white's simply dont have in this modern age, racial loyalty. But thats not my focus of discussion here.

Like i said above i have shown and proven my loyalty, but yet there are those who simply dont have it. If i stand by you, yet you befriend and fraternize with those who actively slander me, drag me down, lie on me, then you obviously dont have any loyalty for me. Even when i showed you my loyalty. I know to some this may seem selfish and your right. Yet i dont care, because if you feel that way your probably one of the people I'm describing. That you have broken your oaths, your loyalty. Only the people with the unique trait of true loyalty can and will understand what i am talking about.

I can tell you, the reader, that even though just slightly off topic, i have found more resistance within this cause then i ever have from without. Half of which i believe is coming from "without" enemies within our camp so to speak. All the loyalty i spoke of above i had to the WCOTC, yet i found more problems from splinter group(s) led by men who just wanted to further their own gains. Whether that was secretly working for someone from "without". To further their own ego, because giving themselves titles and lying about how they came upon it and earned it makes them feel important i guess. At the end of the day they are still lying to themselves, pretending to be something they are not, but i guess some people can live with that. I would say because they honestly think they are doing the right thing, but i cant because it will fall in the same category i described before.

Either way those who have shown me their loyalty, who have stood by me and continue to do so. You know how i feel and that my loyalty will never waver for you. I love you dearly. Those who have and continue to break their loyalty to me should know, i know, i see and i hear. So dont be suprised when you call for my loyalty, when you need me, i wont be there. I consider you just as bad as those who have stood against me. And you will be run over just the same. It obviously isnt today, might not be tomorrow. But one day. You can trust that even though, unlike you i am not a person willing to break my oaths to accomplish my personal goals or needs. I however am the type of person willing to do things you wont. Things your afraid to do, things your imagined false sense of morality and ethics wont allow you to do. So be worried, be afraid. Because one day those who break their oaths will have to answer for it. And we WILL win this racial holy war.

Rahowa! Rev Logsdon